Construction Management and Owner Support

Construction Management and Owner Support

Since its inception in 1992, SKS Engineering and Planning, Inc. has been providing construction management services to governmental clients for projects in sensitive coastal and wetland environments. Acting as an owner’s representative, in addition to the more typical civil inspectors and administrative support SKS can provide project-specific environmental planning; permit tracking and compliance monitoring; water quality, endangered species and vegetation monitoring; and contractor education.

Civil Inspection and Administrative Support

SKS has on staff certified and experienced inspectors with bridge, roadway, and water control structure project experience. Additionally, many of our inspectors have been cross-trained and certified to assist the project team in the performance of water quality testing and BMP monitoring, as well as other environmental compliance issues. We can also provide experienced Resident and Office Engineers and Resident Compliance Specialists, and other types of administrative support.

Permit Condition Tracking

Developing and utilizing a project-specific Permit Tracking System, SKS identifies compliance activities, completion dates, responsible parties and deadlines to ensure all permit conditions are met.

Water Quality, Endangered Animal and Vegetative Species Monitoring

SKS provides qualified field biologists or scientists on an as-needed basis to fulfill any endangered species or water quality monitoring requirements. This staff is supplemented by licensed commercial divers with coral identification and relocation monitoring experience.

Environmental Plan Compliance Monitoring

SKS provides recommendations and review services for project plans provided by the contractor, including environmental protection, endangered species, water quality, EPA Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWPPP) and other required compliance plans, as well as on the ground contractor monitoring of their implementation.

Environmental Meeting Participation

SKS coordinates and participates in environmental permitting, preconstruction and progress meetings with the owner, the contractor and environmental agencies, facilitating communication and understanding between all parties.

Project Stakeholder Education Program Development

Project-specific environmental education programs are developed for field inspection and contractor personnel complete with back pocket books containing pertinent information in an easy-to-read format in different languages when necessary.

Environmental Services Summary

  • Create and maintain current a comprehensive Permit Library as part of the Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP);
  • Periodically review and update the ECP (i.e. where a construction method or permit is changed) and ensure the changes are communicated to project team members;
  • Attend design reviews to integrate environmental concerns during the review and identify any potential permitting issues;
  • Attend Pre-construction meetings to ensure the Contractor and any sub-contractors are aware of all environmental requirements;
  • Ensure Contractors adhere to all regulatory and contract specific requirements;
  • Review design changes to determine whether permits require modification as a result to ensure they are consistent with any applicable regulatory requirement(s) and/or commitments;
  • Perform regular job-site inspections;
  • Review and comment on Contractor-provided plans, such as their Environmental Protection Plan (EPP), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC), as well as verify controls are available on site for deployment;
  • Perform environmental awareness training for new workers, with the intent of reducing impacts on water quality, soils, wetland resources and wildlife including identification and protections afforded to listed species;
  • Identify Contractor licensing / certification requirements and monitor that renewals are obtained before undertaking applicable activities;
  • Respond to spills / incidents ensuring appropriate response to minimize environmental effects of any incidents and perform required notifications. Ensure corrective and preventive actions identified are enacted, with a comprehensive lessons learned database;
  • Review Contractor submissions including NPDES reports, Listed Species Encounter notifications and maintain records of correspondence with environmental agencies;
  • Investigate and respond to any concerns raised by regulatory agencies;
  • Participate in required Threatened and Endangered species surveys and monitoring efforts as well as exotic and nuisance species control;
  • Monitor and track any regulated spoil and re-use;
  • Provide any initial cultural resource identification and recommendations in the event of an incidental discovery;
  • Verify that turbidity monitoring results, reporting and required notifications are being performed in accordance with permit requirements;
  • Confirm that limits of clearing and grubbing are clearly delineated, and maintain perimeter controls to prevent any unpermitted impacts to wetlands or subaquatic vegetation.

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